Lockdown front covers: 10 membership magazines we’ve published from home

Dan Linstead , 22 May 2020

Since lockdown began on 23 March, our creative and production teams have all been working from home. And while we’ve learned some new skills, we’ve also carried on with business as usual, sending magazines to press for all our clients.

Inevitably, these spring 2020 issues have required some editorial gymnastics from everyone. Most were commissioned before coronavirus hit the UK, when doors were open and calendars full of events. As concern turned to lockdown, editorial content had to be rapidly changed, and messaging adjusted as we all tried to strike the right tone in a rapidly changing situation. And as we started to come out of lockdown, many of these magazines had to be tweaked all over again.

Thanks go to all these clients who worked with us to deliver their magazines to members and supporters under extraordinary circumstances. Here’s snapshot of what we made together.

Boundless magazine: striking an optimistic note with the main cover line while also exploring ‘The Great Indoors’.

Scouting magazine: a bold illustrative route for an unusual fashion feature.

RYA magazine: features included interviews with boat-owners living aboard during lockdown.

Nature’s Home: the RSPB delivers a striking reminder that wildlife continues to need our help.

Scouts / Make.Do.Share. – the activity supplement to Scouting magazine at its most playful, for a colour-in Arts special.

English Heritage: an extraordinary aerial photo of the garden at Brodsworth Hall in Yorkshire forms the backdrop for a heartfelt message.

English Heritage / Kids Rule! Never mind the pandemic, we’re dealing with prehistoric invaders…

Wild Times: the RSPB’s magazine for pre-schoolers always features beautiful illustration.

The Sea Cadet: the magazine for the MSSC’s volunteers and families looks brightly to the future.

Seafarer News: MSSC’s supporter magazine marks one of the year’s big anniversaries: four centuries since the Founding Fathers’ trip to the New World.

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