Inside Immediate’s new central Bristol video studio

Dan Linstead , , 31 January 2020

Creating original content for social or web often requires a video studio, and that can mean significant hire costs for the space and equipment. Unlike many production companies though, at Immediate we’re fortunate to have our own on-site facilities for our clients’ use.

In summer 2019, Immediate’s Branded Content team moved into new custom-designed offices in Eagle House, Bristol. As well as gaining much more flexible working space, we were able to specify a new video studio in the building to meet our growing work in this area.

We now have state-of-the-art production facilities right in the heart of Bristol city centre, as well as our longstanding studio facilities in London. Which means we can offer cost-effective solutions to a wide range of video needs.

The video studio interior: nearly 400 sq ft of fully rigged, flexible space

Lighting and colour can be calibrated for a wide variety of shooting styles

Plain backdrop or fully-dressed set – the studio can be fitted to a wide range of needs

What’s inside Immediate Media’s Bristol video studio

Our 373-square foot Bristol video studio is in the basement of the building, next to our café and breakout meeting areas. It sits next to a viewing room (the Snug) where crew and clients can make notes, prepare for shooting and review footage on the fly.

The Bristol video studio is a flexible ‘blank canvas’ for shooting a wide variety of videos. It’s easy to dress with different backdrops and props, and equipped with:

  • A comprehensive lighting rig enabling a wide variety of shooting styles, from moody glamour to brilliant daylight. Kit includes Kinoflo CELEB 250 and Apurture 300D lights, ceiling rigs and a central control desk with programmable cues
  • Soundproofing to ensure a perfect recording every time, with Sennheiser wireless lavalier and directional mics
  • All 4k-compliant recording equipment, including a Canon C200 camera with a range of Cine lenses
  • A full range of rigs including sliders and dollys, as well as monitoring and communication from our green room next door

This versatile setup lends itself to a host of common video formats many organisations require for their social and owned channels:

How-to / making videos

The video studio is the perfect space to make instructional content, with options to shoot top-down and / or from sides and front to give the complete picture of any project. Think crafts, explainers, fixes and makes. Here’s a video we shot in the new studio for English Heritage on homemade Christmas crafts.

Presenter-led and interview videos

 A studio is often the best location for presenter-led videos and vox pops (‘talking heads’), ensuring crisp audio and a clean backdrop to intercut with other visuals. Think client or staff testimonials, expert explainers, and interviews.  Here’s a video we shot in the studio for Cineworld, fronted by YouTuber and film influencer Joe Tasker.

Reviews and product showcases

If you’re looking to show off the features of a product, a studio is often the way to go, ensuring optimal lighting, multiple camera angles and high quality sound recording. Here’s a video we shot in the new studio for our cycling hub, BikeRadar, on the best turbo trainers:

Immediate’s Bristol video studio – and its neighbouring podcast studio – are available now, fully crewed and open for business. We’d be delighted to talk to you about any upcoming projects, or get in touch to arrange a time for a coffee and a look-round.

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