Print magazines, reports and contract publishing

The power of print

Printed magazines are a key medium to increase customer loyalty and engagement. At a time when trust in digital media is being questioned, magazines remain an authoritative information source for many consumers. Recent research found people trusted printed communications more than twice as highly as social media.

Magazines also offer exceptional levels of reach and interaction – 6 of the top 10 magazines by circulation in the UK are customer titles, and magazines influence a wider range of marketing KPIs than other media.

Contract publishing for brands, charities and membership organisations

As part of Immediate Media Co, the UK’s no 1 magazine publisher by subscriber volume, we have industry-leading expertise in creating, publishing and monetising print content. Our consumer titles are market leaders in special interest sectors from gardening to triathlon, food to history. They give us access to a unique portfolio of talent and expertise, as well as buying power at scale.

We publish award-winning membership magazines for a number of charities, organisations and brands. Working to your brand and marketing objectives, we can provide a full publishing service or dovetail with in-house teams. Our services include:

  • Publishing strategy
  • Editorial, design & photography
  • Advertising sales
  • Reprographics & print production
  • Paper buying
  • Mailing liaison and fulfilment
  • Reader insight

Children’s and family magazines

Engaging young people in your cause or brand can be the beginning of a lifelong relationship. We create age-appropriate children’s magazines and content for a range of clients, including wildlife magazines for RSPB and WWF and history publishing for English Heritage. Our in-house education team can help align your message to developmental milestones, and create rich stories, games and activities based on audience insight.

Annual reports and reviews

Annual reviews are far more than a financial summary – they are a window on your brand, culture and achievements. We produce annual reports, reviews and charity impact reports which combine elegant design with clear messaging. Our account managers are skilled at smoothly delivering what can often be complex, inter-departmental projects.